Mission Statement:

In this day and age when corporations have taken over the music industry, people find themselves diluted in terms of the creativity that flows through the airwaves. Many believe that humankind has lost this essence of creativity and many find that most singers and musicians sound similar to one another. The “machine” has taken over this product. Many find themselves in an era where in order to find talent all one needs to do is start a reality show so that record companies can pick from a limited field to find the best clone possible for their next project. Original projects are being overlooked because there’s a risk in bringing in something new as oppose to continuing the status quo. Here, at Haught Records (pronounced as Hot) we recognize that many genres are being set aside in favor of packaging neatly commercial viable artists. We realize we’re in a business to make money but we also realize that there are many artists in the world with their own ethnic tilt and exuberant creativity that can touch all audiences and continue the path of world creativity that is not homogenized.

Haught Records reaches out to all artists including those from Third World, Latin, Asian, and ethnic European Countries. We are looking for the right artists that share our view of how music should influence and enrich a person’s life and not just follow what the “machine” tells us is true talent.

Haught Records is a combination of distributor/record store where we find the right artists with a developed product such as their own CD/DVD/digital recording. We are also a record company which finds, develops, produces, and markets the acts that we find to be aligned with our creative standards created by musicians and supported by business counterparts. At this point, Haught Records is a digital company delivering music through digital means.

We are happy to provide you with samples of our artists’ work so that you can decide on which selections you would like to purchase. We thank you in advance for supporting our artist’s contribution to the world of music. If you are happy with our product, please let others know about or website.

Our Goal:

Haught Records goal is to promote, market, and provide the world with the music they may have been missing through diversity and cultural differences.