Modern Rock, R&B and African Highlife singer Gkriss releases his first Afro- beat single “OSHEKEMBE” on 8thFebraury, 2014 after the successful release of his first rock single “Do You Know” on 12th October, 2013.“Oshekembe” means “Great woman” and it’s an Afro Beat genre of music in class of the legendary Fela Kuti but with elements of Inspirations, Women Appreciation and Empowerment. This song has been dedicated to women in the world in appreciation of their Value, Importance and Presence in the world. “Women are gifts from God to man just as Eve was to AdamWe must learn to assist, manage and accommodate these gifts (Women) in order for them to become blessings to us as men”.  The single would be release on Gpinise Entertainment with the support of DPG Australia, Emode Communications, Socially-Clued Entertainment, Global Thugz, Ruff Diamond UK and Divetir Group, LLC.

Providing lead vocals on this, his Afro-beat debut release is creative Godwin Chris “Gkriss”, backed by singer-songwriter Rocky Sam with Model – Dancer Pearl Archi voicing Gpinise Entertainment signature on the song. The track has been produced, mixed and mastered by renowned engineer, Ben Jossy, C. E. O Melody Worker Africa. Gkriss quote for the song is “Every Woman is a gift. It your job as man to discover/see the gift in your woman and assist the growth of that gift”. Gkriss releases his first album “Key 2 My Calling “officially on 27th April, 2014.

The real names of “Gkriss” are Godwin Chris. It might interest you to know that the new Afro-beat star is a Chartered Accountant (Association of Chartered Certified Accountant, ACCA), Financial and Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker (C.E.O 818 Inspirations), Lecturer/ Trainer of ACCA, Model and C.E.O Gpinise Entertainment.

Gkriss cites as main artistic influences Femi Kuti and Fela Kuti with major inspiration coming from the story of Adam and Eve in the bible. Until God blessed Adam with the gift of a woman, he was lonely and incomplete despite the numerous animals at his disposal to keep his company.

Single Tracks $1.25